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Take Total Control Over The Music From Your Iphone In Your Toyota

Take total control over the music from your iPhone in your Toyota

Imagine having full control over the music that plays in your car, plus being able to change the playlist from the steering wheel controls. The GROM-USB car stereo adapter is made specifically for this purpose; for you to enjoy high quality music in your car from any mass storage device. All it takes to have this device is for you to place an order at and then you will easily plug your MP3, external hard disk or iPod and listen to your MP3 or WMA files. Together with the iPod or iPhone integration system, you can now have your own Toyota iPhone system that lets you play Mp3 or iTunes files via the car stereo.
This Toyota iPhone system can work for various Toyota models including the Toyota Matrix 05-11, or the Toyota Highlander 01-03, as well as various other compatible Toyota car models. This efficient system also includes text support for some stereos. The GROM-USB stereo adapter supports FAT 32 or 16GB-32GB iPod or iPhone interface and Auxiliary port. With the Bluetooth hands free kit add on for the Toyota iPhone interface, you can connect your iPhone or any other check more suitable phone device to the GROM-USB system http://www.steamwalletcodesgenerators.com/steamwalletcodes/ and gleefully listen to your desired music. This system can also work efficiently with various other phone models that are Bluetooth-enabled.
Once the GROM-USB system is purchased from this website you will receive with it an OEM compatible harness which you can use to connect to the back of your car stereo, btd battles hack cheats tool an operation manual, a USB type A male to female 6-foot cable, and of course http://www.pokemongohackcheatss.com/ the car stereo adapter in a full metal casing. Further, to connect to any MP3, XM, or audio player there is an additional audio MiniDin to 3.15mm cable which is very essential. If you would like to stream your music from your phone via Bluetooth, this can also be possible with the GROM Bluetooth Dongle.
Using the GROM-USB car device is very simple yet functional and thus very convenient for your daily life. In addition, this extremely practical device browses through the directories and then maps them to the disc buttons on the car stereo or your steering wheel controls. The GROM Bluetooth Dongle have to be purchased separately from the GROM-USB device. More information, user manuals, compatibility guides and current updates on firmware systems can be found at this site, plus you can easily download them in PDF format if you so wish.